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54th Conference (2017) Toronto

The Changing Nature of the Workforce and the Workplace

Organized by Rupa Banerjee, Maurice Mazerolle, Tim Bartkiw, Rafael Gomez, Lorenzo Frangi, Ian MacDonald and Nita Chhinzer

Ryerson University, University of Toronto, Université du Québec à Montréal, Université de Montréal and University of Guelph



Past annual CIRA conferences

53rd Conference (2016) Saskatoon
Visions of Work: Examining the workplace as a multidisciplinary meeting place

Organized by Scott Waslworth, Shelagh Campbell, Johanna Weststar and Sean O'Brady
University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, Western University and Université de Montréal

52nd  Conference (2015) Montréal
Re-writing the Rules: Advancing Employment Relations in a Hostile Climate

Organized by Jean Charest and Jeffrey Hilgert, Lorenzo Frangi, Lucie Morissette, and Scott Walsworth
Universite de Montreal, UQAM, HEC Montreal, and University of Saskatchewan

51st Conference (2014) St. Catharines
Borders Without Boundaries
Organized by Johanna Weststar and Dionne Pohler [Organisée par Johanna Weststar et Dionne Pohler]
Western University and the University of Saskatchewan

50th Conference (2013) Toronto
From Theory and Research to Policy and Practice in Work and Employment
Organized by Maurice Mazerolle and Anil Verma [Organisée par Maurice Mazerolle et Anil Verma]
Ryerson University and the University of Toronto [Université de Ryerson et Université de Toronto]

49th Conference (2012) Calgary
Sound Management and Solidarity Should Never Be in Recession: Employment Relations in Canada and Beyond
Organized by Kelly Williams-Whitt
University of Lethbridge

48th Conference (2011) Fredericton
The Attack on Public Sector Unions
Organized by Larry Haiven
Saint Mary’s University

47th Conference (2010) Québec City
Employee Representation in the New World of Work: The Dynamics of Rights, Voice, Performance and Power
Organized jointly with CRIMT by Bristian Brunell, Gregor Murray, Jean-Noël Grenier, Francine Jacques, Nicolas Roby and Annette Hayden
Université Laval

46th Conference (2009) Gatineau
What is happening to Work?
Organized by Guy Bellemare
Université du Québec en Outaouais

45th Conference (2008) Vancouver
Annual CIRA Conference
Organized by Brian Bemmels, Mark Thompson and Danielle van Jarsveld
University of British Columbia

44th Conference (2007) Montréal
The Changing Workplace and Industrial Relations
Organized by Robert Hebdon
McGill University

43rd Conference (2006) York University, Toronto
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in Industrial Relations
Organized by Joseph Rose
McMaster University

42nd Conference (2005) London
Work and Workplace Issues in the 21st Century
Organized by Ann Frost
University of Western Ontario

41st Conference (2004) Winnipeg
Reformulating Industrial Relations in Liberal Market Economies
Organized by John Godard
University of Manitoba

40th Conference (2003) Halifax
Industrial Relations: Where Tradition Meets the Future
Organized by Judy Haiven
Saint Mary’s University

39th Conference (2002) Toronto
Trade and Labour Protection: Can the Two Be Made to Work Together?
Organized by Frank Reid and Anil Verma
University of Toronto

38th Conference (2001) Québec City
Rethinking Institutions for Work and Employment: IR in the New Economy and Society
Organized by Gregor Murray
Université Laval

37th Conference (2000) Edmonton
Industrial Relations in a New Millennium
Organized by Yonatan Reshef
University of Alberta