2016 annual conference

Visions of Work: Examining the Workplace as a Multidisciplinary Meeting Place

Call for Papers

 May 31 – June 2, 2016

Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


The CIRA 2016 conference will bring together academics, students, policy-makers and labour relations practitioners from across Canada and the world on issues of work, trade unions, human resources, labour relations, and relevant public policy fields. 


The theme of the 2016 CIRA conference calls attention to the workplace as a meeting place for several diverse disciplines of study.  The workplace is an important arena where employees go to earn a living, while employers seek to profit from their labour. It is where production is organized through cooperation, yet a key space for conflict. It is where social, cultural and religious norms are integrated, and a key vector of societal and global change. This year’s theme aims to encourage research on the workplace from fields which are different, yet complimentary, and even conflicting, such as history, sociology, women’s studies, management, economics, and policy studies.  Research submissions broadening our understanding of the workplace, issues in the workplace, management practices, societal impacts, the role of public policies in shaping employment outcomes, and the impacts of globalization and economic integration on the workplace are particularly invited.  In addition to submissions that reflect the conference theme, submissions on any other topic of interest within the broad and interdisciplinary field of work, employment, labour studies, human resources and industrial relations are welcome. 


Paper proposals should be submitted in the form of an abstract (maximum 300 words). Please include all the authors and their respective affiliations and email addresses.  Details regarding final versions of accepted papers will be posted on the conference website in due course.


Submissions for a panel or symposium around a specified theme with multiple speakers should contain a brief description of the topic (maximum 300 words), a list of speakers with their respective affiliations and email addresses, and a brief description of each speaker’s contribution to the panel (maximum 100 words for each speaker).


A Graduate Student Consortium is also being organized and will be held on Tuesday, May 31st. This event will include panels on current trends in the field, a careers workshop, and will provide students with an important opportunity to network with like-minded students and key professionals in the field. 


Students wishing to apply to the Allen Ponak Best Student Paper Award should submit an abstract as part of this call, and indicate that they intend to submit a full paper to the competition. Details and deadlines for full paper submissions will be made available on the conference website at www.cira-acri.ca. The winner will receive an award of $500.


Submissions may be in English or French and are subject to a blind peer-review.  The deadline is January 15, 2016.  Early submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.  Please send submissions to ciraacri.conference@gmail.com  or click below to submit directly.