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Our Association | Executive Officers & Committee | Past Presidents | CIRA Constitution | Executive Roles & Responsibilities

Executive Roles and Responsibilities

The President-Elect, Membership Coordinator, Communications Officer, Treasurer and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and shall hold office until successors are elected. The Conference Chair shall be appointed by the Executive Committee for a one year term when there is no designated President-Elect. The RI/IR Representative shall be appointed by the CIRA Executive Committee upon recommendation of the RI/IR Journal Executive Committee.  In order to ensure continuity at the Executive Committee, the terms of office for the President-Elect and Past President are staggered one year terms and remaining positions are staggered two year terms. Officers and members of the Executive Committee shall be eligible for re-election. The maximum term of office of a member of the Executive Committee shall be four consecutive years; years of office served as officers of the Executive Committee or as the RI/IR Representative are excluded from the maximum.

Vacancies in any office or in the membership of the Executive Committee occurring between Annual Meetings shall be filled by the Executive Committee from among the members of the Association, and any member appointed to fill a vacancy shall be eligible for election to the same or any other office at the ensuing Annual Meeting. 

Past-President (1 year term off-set with the President-Elect)

-          Automatically held by the outgoing President

-          Acts in an advisory capacity to the President

President (2 year term)

-          Automatically held following one term as the President-Elect

-          Organizes and chairs at least three Executive meetings per year and chairs the Annual General Meeting held at the CIRA Conference each year

-          Manages the relationship with the Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes

-          Supervises the Secretary of the RI/IR in administrative tasks related to CIRA  

-          Conducts Membership and Executive votes as needed

-          Conducts Membership surveys as needed to determine future directions for CIRA, analyze the data and make recommendations to Executive

-          Responds to requests for information and addresses issues/opportunities that arise

-          Identifies options and makes recommendations to the Executive to ensure financial and membership stability of CIRA

President-Elect (1 year term off-set with the Past-President)

-          Assists the President as required

-          Assumes the role of Conference Chair** (see below)

**Conference Chair (1 year term)

-          Role held by the President-Elect when that position is filled; role held separately when there is no President-Elect

-          Researches locations and dates for the annual conference and make recommendations to CIRA Executive

-          Solicits volunteers for and convenes a Conference Organizing Committee (including a Program Chair and on-site coordinators/liaisons and others as desired or required)

-          Researches and makes recommendations to the Executive for the Gerard Dion award and the HD Woods lecture

-          Oversees the administration of the Allen Ponak Best Student Paper Award

-          Reports to CIRA executive on the progress/outcomes of the annual conference

-          Maintains records of past conference documentation

Treasurer (2 year term)

-          Oversee online and paper-based systems of accounts payable and receivable:

o    Verify invoices, make timely payments, maintain files/records

o    Send invoices, follow-up delinquent accounts, deposit cheques, maintain files/records

-          Oversee electronic bank deposits

-          Track and record membership payments

-          Track and record conference payments

-          Coordinate with RI/IR and the Membership Coordinator to verify subscription payments

-          Communicate membership payment information to Membership Coordinator

-          Maintain detailed income and expense reports

o    Prepare financial reports for CIRA Executive

o    Prepare annual consolidated financial statement for AGM and present to the membership at the AGM

-          Coordinate and work with external auditor/accountant as necessary (i.e. tax filings)

-          Liaise with the bank regarding CIRA’s affairs

Membership Coordinator (2 year term)

-          Track membership

-          Reconcile submitted membership forms with payment

-          Communicate with members who are in arrears

-          Oversee membership renewals

-          Reconcile conference registrations with membership list

-          Prepare reports for the CIRA Executive Board and AGM

-          Ensure CIRA members receive membership entitlements

Communications Coordinator (2 year term)

-          Manage and maintain the CIRA website

-          Manage and maintain the CIRA conference website

-          Oversee the weekly mailing of the Perry Work Report

-          Manage the MailChimp account and all CIRA communications

-          Maintain the minutes of CIRA Executive Board meetings and AGM

-          Ensure all CIRA communications are available in English and French

Executive Members

RI/IR Representative (2 year term)

-          Participate in the general affairs of the CIRA Executive

-          Act as liaison to RI/IR Executive Committee and Editorial Board

-          Make recommendations on areas of mutual benefit to CIRA and RI/IR

Community Representative (2 year term)

-          Participate in the general affairs of the CIRA Executive

-          Act as liaison to practitioner community

-          Make recommendations on areas of activity that would be of interest to the practitioner community

-          Facilitate participation of the practitioner community in CIRA events

Graduate Student Representative (2 year term)

-          Participate in the general affairs of the CIRA Executive

-          Act as a liaison to the graduate student community

-          Make recommendations on areas of activity that would be of interest to the graduate student community

-          Organize or oversee the organization of the doctoral consortium at the CIRA conference

Member(s)-at-Large (2 year term) – 3 positions

-          Participate in the general affairs of the CIRA Executive

-          Take on special projects as identified and desired